Friday, 15 June 2012

Matt & Kev - Commercial Catering Services Stationary

Greetings readers. I'd like to do a retrospective post about one of my commissions last year:

Brief 1 - Caricatures for a Company website 
My cousin Matt is the managing director of an emerging company specialising in the field of commercial catering services and last summer he approached me because he was building his company website and wanted an eye-catching caricature of him and his colleague Kev to include on the home page. He had recently seen one of my earlier images of two characters that I did while at university and he liked what he saw and thus desired that I should emulate the set-up (you can click here to see the original post). Happy to assist, I duly characterised him and his Kev as can be seen above and he was happy with the result - the image is now proudly displayed on his website, which can be found by clicking this link.

Brief 2 - The company's Caricature-based Christmas card

A while later he asked if I could produce a bespoke image for his company's 2011 Christmas card, requesting that the scene be 'fun' and set near/around a chip shop for relevance (for this is the type of business they work with). The card was to be sent to a host of contacts listed in the thousands volume-wise, so I was again delighted to help. It was a difficult image to do and required many hours of working out, but the process was enjoyable - I rarely get the opportunity to create images like this now (using precise pen techniques as opposed to my current method of colourising pencil). On the whole I think the image turned out well and Matt seems to have liked it which is what mattered. Perhaps if he wants another card this year I could develop the theme or introduce a more natural pencil-based composition - only another 6 months to Christmas to find out!

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