Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Illustration Friday: Shiny

Greetings readers. I once again participated in Illustration Friday this week. The word provided was 'shiny'. While I ultimately conceived of about 15 possible ideas that met this criteria in some fashion, I was surprisingly inspired by none of them. So, as is often the case in our profession, I simply had to work and graft it out - it certainly didn't draw itself like my image last week.

So, yeah...I can't triumphantly beat my drums of satisfaction this week but on the whole, it's not a terrible image: it has a little charm of it's own I suppose so maybe one day I'll revisit the image and sort out some of it's downfalls (such as the ship's sails being way too bright and the narrative text being just plain 'clunky').

I hope the rest of you faired better with your entries this week, and I shall have myself a leisurely peruse in just a moment.


Creations By Mit said...

Really like how you handled the light of the lantern and the glow of the treasure! I know what you mean - I went through several ideas this week before I finally found one I could sink my teeth into!

Anonymous said...

I really like your image and your style! It certainly was a difficult subject. You wouldn't think so with such a simple word. Very nice illustration.