Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Stunt Manikin (1997 and 2000)

Here are two single (and rather identical) page comics based on the character Manikin Man, from 1997 and 2000. Years and years ago me and my mate Mango began playing around with the idea of him being a stuntman, akin to a crash test dummy. A decade later and for a sentimental challenge, we've agreed to have a bash at drawing what that would actually look like now. Tonight I've played around with a new logo for the venture:

So...watch this space...

William Morris Homage

This is an image I drew when I was in Sixth Form College a few years back. I just dug it out and added some colour and; Hey Presto - a strange picture. I quite like this image now!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Illustration Friday: Climbing

For this week's Illustration Friday topic ("Climbing") I decided I would scale down my ambitions in order to produce something a little quicker. I bounced around a few ideas (some of which I still feel inclined to do at some point) but for now this picture sums up the word adequately. Unlike other suggestions of late, I think "climbing" is a very direct word and as such, there's a limit to how far one can run with it. Subsequently, I'm quite happy to have come up with such a basic image and only hope that it's simple nature doesn't detract from it's relevance to the topic.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Illustration Friday: Pale

This is my entry for this week's Illustration Friday, the respective buzz-word being "Pale".
Like previous words, "Pale" conjoured up far too many images for me to cope with. In the end I plumped for what I consider to be the most apt picture for this word, when coming from a red-haired artist.
I would like to invite all comments on this one, as it was massively-rushed piece, and I'm still not sure if blurring the background has worked...so may change...
What do you all think... (apart from the fact this ginger guy looks a wee bit like William H Macy)?

Monday, 19 January 2009

Biggins Versus Burrow 13: Pages 26 and 43

I felt like adding a few more pages from the Biggins versus Burrow 13 comic so here are two to feast your peeps on.

This is page 43, and takes place during a segment of the comic where Biggins has apparently woken up from a coma only to find his past adventures have been nothing more than a dream. Then he has an accident and ends up in a coma again...

And this is page 26 from a part of the comic where Biggins and Company land the Starhog on a mysterious 'space iceberg'. Burrow and his crew follow them only to find Starhog deserted...

I'm sorry about the swearing too. I went years and years without using profanity but it was such a release to pepper a few pages with them.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Dennis the Menace - My Design V.1

I've been threatening to do my own design of the celebrated Dennis the Menace (from the Beano) for about a year now, and about half an hour ago I was finally bored enough to try it. It took literally 5 minutes to draw and 5 minutes to colour, so it's only a starting point. Thought it was worth sharing though since it now holds the prestigious accolade of being the quickest-drawn image on my blog.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Illustration Friday: Contained

Here we have my entry for Illustration Friday this week, the topic naturally being "Contained".

I thought long and hard over what image to do this week as the word 'contained' brings to mind so many images. For a while I could not decide which idea to do. Originally my plan idea was to do something with a jack-in-the-box as this seemed to illustrate the theme quite nicely - but I wasn't convinced. Then my talented friend Kris-Tea released her illustration, which contained a cartoon of me... well, to repay the gesture I resolved to create an image containing her. The result is the above picture. On one of her trips to get a nice vanilla milkshake, she may find she has another use for the glass...

Monday, 5 January 2009

Illustration Friday: Resolve

When I saw this weeks word (resolve) I had so many ideas in mind... so many differant ways of interpreting the word. but finally, I realised that I already had a picture in my archives that related to the topic. This is a picture called 'At the Grave'. The reason I thought it was applicable to the word 'resolve' is because when somebody dies, in a way their life is finally 'resolved'. Additionally, one hopes that all those little differances between the living and the departed are alo finally 'resolved'.
Sorry - didn't mean to be morbid or melancholy, lol - I just thought that maybe this picture fits the context.