Friday, 13 March 2009

Unfinished Drink

After playing around with old images and new textures on the previous image, I dug out this picture. It's an unfinished drawing I did of Biggins drinking a cup of coffee. At the time I abandonned it to draw another more energetic image (which some of you may have seen on my blog some weeks ago) simply entitled "Coffee". When I stumbled across this image the other day, I found myself wishing I'd competed it.


Dusik said...

Well Jim, tell you what.. some things look great as "uncompleted", but i wouldn't call it that. i would say it is a black and white pencil sketch with texture being the main part of the illustration!
(that's how i felt about it... like it is a morning coffee, when everything seems gray just before the sunrise)

Nathanael Lark said...

I really like what you've done with this. The texture adds a lot and feels totally cohesive with the illo.

Kris-Tea said...

I like the texture, and it doesnt need colours. I think its finished!
Thank you for putting my blog on your "place to visit" :)

(Very funny header, haha)

flower girl said...

Nice drawing,Yeah, the texture is great.I like it ;)

yoon see said...

Yeah, really beautiful piece.
Your character is so cute & funny.
I like his humourous eyes reaction and the way he looked into the coffee:)

Asja said...

wonderful texture1 i think this is finished, too!