Friday, 13 March 2009

Biggins Vs Burrow Revamp

This is an old image that I just decided to re-vamped for a bit of fun. This image has been subject to a few experiments over the years (partly because it's a nice clean drawing). I was going to develop it into a more extravagant Boxing Promotion poster, but I stopped because I liked what I'd already achieved.


Dusik said...

(it reminded me of the "football factory" movie i watched once..)
very cool!

Matthew Sheean said...

I was going to comment on liking this because it was clean...but then I noticed you mentioned that you liked it because it was clean...I thought about it a bit, and decided that even though it's not very original at this point, I would compliment you on its cleanness. Also, good to see you on my blog! I hope I can provide you with some regular entertainment!

Also, your stuff reminds me a bit of Jim Davis, in a good unique way, not in a "too closely resembles" way.