Thursday, 19 March 2009

Some More Texture Tests

Having recently discovered the joys of adding paper texture to old drawings, tonight I conducted a few more experiments. Here are two of the better results:

This is a piece from 2001 entitled "Eleventh Hour". There is a more completed version of this on file, but I chose to use the early pencil version in this instance. The results appear encouraging.

I then went on and tried applying texture to a 2004 drawing called "By The Fire" and this time tried to make it more natural looking. It almost looks like it was drawn on the back of an old envelope!

Whether using paper textures will work on some of my more flamboyant pictures remains to be seen. Watch this space!


Dusik said...

yeah! i'm loving these! wow, what a difference can texture make

yoon see said...

Well done!
You have so much patient on the detials!

Anonymous said...

I like these with the texture added, it gives the work a story. But then I love old paper. I always save the blank end pages from old books and use them for copies with my laser when I don't want to cut the original image for a collage. It gives a certain patina. Great illo here!