Monday, 5 January 2009

Illustration Friday: Resolve

When I saw this weeks word (resolve) I had so many ideas in mind... so many differant ways of interpreting the word. but finally, I realised that I already had a picture in my archives that related to the topic. This is a picture called 'At the Grave'. The reason I thought it was applicable to the word 'resolve' is because when somebody dies, in a way their life is finally 'resolved'. Additionally, one hopes that all those little differances between the living and the departed are alo finally 'resolved'.
Sorry - didn't mean to be morbid or melancholy, lol - I just thought that maybe this picture fits the context.


Kris-Tea said...

Yes, so sad and melancholy but really interesting view.
It's a very good illo!

(Goodmorning Jim! if you read that at work, lol)

CharlieCreek said...

A little more of a smobre take, but maybe it prompts us to resolve those little things that don't get said until it's too late.

Nice illustration.

indigene said...

Great illustration! It is a serious note that we must all face and hopefully our families and we have all resolved any issues. Bravo!

Tessa said...

Evocative and tender - a moving and meaningful illustration.

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Anonymous said...

This work of art is vary true. It happens alot as well, and even though it is dark and stormy they are still together. It is romantic that no matter the horrible weather the man is still holding the umbrella. You did an amazing job on this work of art.

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