Sunday, 18 January 2009

Dennis the Menace - My Design V.1

I've been threatening to do my own design of the celebrated Dennis the Menace (from the Beano) for about a year now, and about half an hour ago I was finally bored enough to try it. It took literally 5 minutes to draw and 5 minutes to colour, so it's only a starting point. Thought it was worth sharing though since it now holds the prestigious accolade of being the quickest-drawn image on my blog.


Ester said...

you have very nice character here, good luck with it and thank you for becoming a follower of "Mythos & Legends", now strip 17 and 18 are also in english, next the other strip ^_^

I hope that you like it

Victoria said...

keep it up
i like your blog

loubylou said...

that brown mouse bear creature at the top of the page, is my favourite!
and the fact that your characters are cross-eyed sometimes!

ps. thanks for being a follower, i will follow suit!

Kris-Tea said...

Wow! I love your new header! and this character is very good, but im sure that his behaviour isnt.. haha
Hope to see your Pale illo soon :)

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