Thursday, 15 January 2009

Illustration Friday: Contained

Here we have my entry for Illustration Friday this week, the topic naturally being "Contained".

I thought long and hard over what image to do this week as the word 'contained' brings to mind so many images. For a while I could not decide which idea to do. Originally my plan idea was to do something with a jack-in-the-box as this seemed to illustrate the theme quite nicely - but I wasn't convinced. Then my talented friend Kris-Tea released her illustration, which contained a cartoon of me... well, to repay the gesture I resolved to create an image containing her. The result is the above picture. On one of her trips to get a nice vanilla milkshake, she may find she has another use for the glass...


Larry Lee said...

Sweet revenge!
And nice illo.
(I noticed you used last week's topic word in your commentary,too)

Duncan said...

Nice illo, I had this idea, but not as detailed as yours.

Anonymous said...

I've done that before. Let them go because I don't want to kill them. So they probably come right back in. Great illustration.

Kris-Tea said...

It's totally ME! :) vanilla milkshakes haha great idea! I think it's similar to other part of "James and the giant peach" when he meets to the spider in his room..isn't?
Fantastic illo and thanks for the nice gesture!

JooJoo said...

OMG! This is super cute! I used to use the same method to get rid of scary insects!! :)) LOVE it! Great idea!

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!