Sunday, 14 December 2008

Illustration Friday : Rambunctious

This is my entry for Illustration Friday this week - the topic or word is "Rambunctious".
For this picture I came up with a new production process and I find the result quite encouraging.
Such was my hurry to complete this in time for bed, that I completely forgot to add the guitar strings and the additional details I had been planning...but the image looks quaint anyway, so I'm happy to forgive myself.


Kris-Tea said...

Oo!! Great idea! This is totally rambunctious.. Well done :)
(The drumstick in his ear, haha)

Kim said...

The fact the guitar has no strings actually kind of makes this awesome. Fits well with the overwhelmed feel of the thing. It's sort of hilarious. =)

INDIGENE said...

I think it's great! Beautifully done!

Juan said...

A beautiful response to the topic!

Anonymous said...

Great character and wonderful detail. Good idea too for the topic.

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