Sunday, 21 December 2008

Biggins (2002)

Now this is an interesting one...
I drew this comic in Autumn 2002, and coloured it in December using Paint. It was while doing this that I disovered Photoshop. Anyway, this comic was finished 6 years ago by colouring each frame seperately and printing them all off to be assembled afterwards. This afternoon I dug out all the seperate images, and using my more powerful computer, re-assembled them all within Photoshop. The result is the above 'Comic Totum Pole'. The story has a Christmas vibe, but ultimately the idea was to take Biggins & Co out of their usual "Alien-blasting" setting, and put them into a more docile enviroment...their house. The result was what you see before you.
Another interesting aspect of this piece, is that at the time it was drawn, Biggins was roughly 6 years/72 months old. So when I composed the whole comic, I made it six pages long, and 72 frames in total, as a sort of 'nod' to Biggin's and Company's longevity.
Unfortunately, this image has been automatically re-sized by the website, so the details are not really visible. You can see how much is there, though.


Red Mango Illustrations said...

The Atomic Ant is too cool to only be allowed one frame of comic may we resurrect him?

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