Sunday, 19 August 2012

Untitled Badger Picture

Hey folks. I thought I'd take a moment to share my most recent drawing (well, I drew it about a month ago but it's still my most recent).

As you can see, its a picture of a somewhat urbane badger gentleman reclining in his abode (a habitat that any badger lover would know is called a 'sett'). Mixing the pencil drawing with photographic material was a bit of a gamble but I think I just about managed to make something acceptable.

To be fair I was coming to the end of my last creative cycle when I created this so it's not my greatest work due to being low on 'art juice'. Not to worry though, back to Illustration Friday soon.


Creations By Mit said...

Ah, what a civilized gent he is! Great character! Love how you've seamlessly planted him within the photograph! Really cool combination!

DMerchen said...

This is a beautiful drawing! Great stuff!


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Rakesh Singh said...

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Kimmy Razak said...

I like your drawing style. Very nice! Wish I could do something like that

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